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Ready to make the move to Santa Ana Federal Credit Union? We have everything you need right here! We can help guide you through the process of closing your existing account and becoming a member of the SAFCU family.

Step One: Open a new account
To become a member of SAFCU, you must have a Share Savings Account. We also offer other financial products and services such as checking, ATM card, Visa® debit card and more. Open your account now.
Step Two: Transfer automatic payments and deposits
Once your new credit union account is opened, you’ll need to notify companies and financial institutions that make automatic withdrawals from your old account. These may include utility companies, telephone, cable, mortgage, auto insurance, life insurance, and anyone else that you pay through automatic transfers. You also will need to notify any company that makes automatic deposits into your account, such as Direct Deposit through your employer.

We’ve included two downloadable forms to use to notify all parties of the switch. Check with the involved parties to make sure they will accept this form — some parties may require you to fill out a form of their own.

“Switch Your Automatic Payment” form (downloadable PDF*)
“Switch Your Direct Deposit” form (downloadable PDF*)

Step Three: Close your old account(s)
Now that your automatic payments and deposits are transferred, you can close your old account. Be sure to leave your accounts open long enough for outstanding checks and withdrawals to clear. This may take several weeks. Included in this Switch Kit is a form to help you close your old account.

“Close Your Account” form (PDF*)

Step Four: Welcome to SAFCU!
Now that you’re a part of the SAFCU family, be sure to stop by our branch and say hello!

If you do not already have Acrobat Reader, it is free to download, and simple to install.




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