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Online Banking

Online Banking
24/7 Access with Online Banking

We make it easy to spend more time enjoying life and less time managing your money. With our NSHome online banking program, managing your finances has never been easier. Sign up, log on, and enjoy these features:

General Account Access

  • Obtain current balances on savings and loans

  • View a list of all open savings or loans

  • View current credit card balances

  • View current mortgage loan balances

  • View specific savings or loan history

  • Transfer funds between accounts

  • View IRA contributions

  • View dividend information

  • View interest information

  • Use free Bill Pay

Checking Access

  • View current balances on all checking accounts

  • Inquire by check number

  • View list of recently cleared checks

  • View images of cleared checks

Loans & Credit Card Access

  • Check current loan and credit card balances

  • Make loan and credit card payments

  • Transfer to make loan payments

  • Transfer to make loan advances

  • View all open loans

  • View recent loan payments

  • Receive a loan payoff amount

  • Apply for a loan or credit card

Bill Pay

Tired of writing checks, buying stamps, sealing envelopes, and hurrying every month to avoid late payment fees? We have just the solution, Online Bill Pay! It's a service that lets you pay nearly any company or individual, anytime for rent, mortgage, utilities, cell phone, gardener, or even your babysitter.

Bill Pay Features

  • Service offered through NSHome

  • Available anywhere you have internet access

  • Unlimited bill paying

  • Schedule one-time or recurring payment(s)

  • Track and view your payment history

  • Pay nearly any business or individual

  • No stamps, no mailing, no problem

Pay your bills | Not enrolled? Sign up today!



e-Statements is a service that lets you receive and view your credit union account statements online. Say goodbye to stacks of statement envelopes. Receiving your statements electronically is the easy, safe and secure way to manage your SAFCU account. No more waiting for the mail to arrive and no more paper to shred.

e-Statements Features:

  • It's a service offered through SAFCU@Home

  • Usually available on the first business day of the month

  • View statement history

  • Less paper means it's good for the environment

  • Helps you cut clutter

  • Reduces the chance of your statement getting lost or stolen

  • You'll receive instant notification when your statement is ready


View e-Statements

Not enrolled. Sign up today!


Need a quick and easy way to transfer money to another SAFCU Member? Member-to-Member lets you send or receive money with just a few clicks. Whether it's to send money to a child away at college, transfer funds to your spouse, or to simply pay back a friend who banks with SAFCU, Member-to-Member lets you do it fast using NSHome.

Why use Member-to-Member?

  • It's a service offered through NSHome

  • Easily send money to other SAFCU Members

  • No need to meet in person or mail a check

  • Your account information stays private


Not enrolled? For assistance, call 800.541.2546 or visit our branch today!

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