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You can send and receive money quickly and easily using wire transfers. There's no delay and no waiting, so you can be assured that your money gets to where it needs to go instantly! You can wire money from your credit union account to any other financial institution (within the United States and Internationally) that accepts wire transfers.



SAFCU wire transfers are handled within the Federal Reserve System and must comply with federal regulations. 



Incoming Wire ($2.00 fee)

Outgoing Wire ($25.00 fee)


Outgoing Wire ($50.00 Fee) 

  • Receiving Institution Name, ABA / Routing Number, Address, Phone

  • Beneficiary Name, Account Number, Address, Phone

  • Special Instructions, if any requested by recipient/beneficiary

  • When processing an international wire, the foreign receiving bank is required to have a SWIFT code, which is like an international routing number that identifies the financial institution. Obtain details from the ultimate recipient/beneficiary for the best results. You may also log into to find the correct code (please be aware that the same institution may have multiple codes based on branch locations.)

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