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As of May 1, 2015

The following is a list of fees and charges currently assessed by SAFCU. We may deduct these fees and charges from your account.

Item Charge
ACH Origination (net in/net out) with less than 3 active products and/or services $7.00
ATM Inquiries $0.75
ATM Deposit Adjustment $3.00
ATM Empty Envelope $30.00
ATM Return Item $30.00
ATM Transactions at non SAFCU and non CO-OP network locations $2.50
Business Checking Account - monthly service fee $20.00
Cash Advance - credit card (SAFCU or other institution) 2%
Cashier's Check - payable to Member$2.00
Cashier's Check - payable to third party$5.00
Check Cashing Fee (On-Us Checks Only) - Non-Member $10.00
Coin Counting Machine - Non-Member (10% of Deposit) 10%
Courtesy Pay - in addition to NSF fee $5.00
Debit Card Sales Receipt Copy $20.00
Dormant Account (after 1 year - monthly service fee) $3.00
Early Account Closure (within 90 days of opening)$5.00
Endorsement Guarantee $5.00
Gift Cards - Prepaid VISA $5.00
International Service Assessment (foreign VISA transactions) 1%
IRA Transfer Fee $25.00
IRA Closing Fee $20.00
IRA Annual Maintenance Fee $20.00
IRA Share Withdrawal Fee$10.00
Loan Application Fee (F.A.S.T. Loans) $35.00
Mobile Banking (SnapDeposit) - Return Item $30.00
Money Order $5.00
Monthly Statement - Paper Copy (Mailed) Free Online eStatements $5.00
Non Sufficient Funds (NSF)$30.00
Notary Services - Members only (per signature)$10.00
Overlimit Fee - VISA$25.00
Photocopy of Check Deposited to SAFCU Account $20.00
Photocopy of a Check Drawn on SAFCU Account
(first 3 per month free - then charge applies)
Printout of Checking History (per page) Free Online$3.00
Processing Levy $50.00
Real Estate Reconveyance Fee $75.00
Real Estate Subordination Fee $100.00
Reconciling an Account and/or Researching Transactions (per hour) $25.00
Replacement Card - credit or debit/ATM $5.00
Replacement Card - credit or debit/ATM (RUSH) $35.00
Response to Subpoenas (plus Check Copy and Statement fees per page) $25.00
Returned Deposit or Payment$35.00
Returned Mail $7.00
Returned Mail - Locator Fee $50.00
Secured Checking Account - monthly service fee $5.00
Skip-A-Payment Fee (Payment under $500) $30.00
Skip-A-Payment Fee (Payment over $500) $60.00
Statement copies (per page) Free Online $5.00
Stop Payment of all check and electronic payments $20.00
Temporary Checks (set of 12) $5.00
Verification of deposit $10.00
Wire Transfer - Incoming (Foreign & Domestic) $2.00
Wire Transfer - Outgoing (Domestic) $25.00
Wire Transfer - Outgoing (Foreign) $50.00
Wire Transfer tracer fee - Foreign $50.00


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