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Spring Safety & Security Tips

Spring Safety & Security Tips

As scammers are getting increasingly savvy, it’s more important than ever to protect yourself against fraudsters.

Common Fraud Attempts

  • Calling or texting consumers impersonating large banks and credit unions to get personal information so they can take over accounts and steal money.

  • Pretending to be from popular money-sending apps like Zelle® to try to authorize fraudulent money transfers.

Here’s how you can stay safe:

🔒 Keep personal information personal.

Never provide account or personal information to a merchant unless you initiated the call.

🔒 Know your financial institution.

Santa Ana Federal Credit Union does not call, send text messages, or email asking for your personal or account information. This includes your Digital Banking username, passwords, debit card, credit card numbers, PIN, or verification codes sent through a text message.

🔒 Only send money to people you trust.

Mobile-to-mobile instant pay applications like Zelle® should only be used with friends, family, and individuals you trust. If you send money to someone you do not know, you may not get your money back.

🔒 Confirm who you're sending money to.

Double check you are sending money to the correct U.S mobile phone number and/or email address whenever you send money. If you pay someone, especially for the first time, confirm their information is accurate!

🔒 Gift cards are not a standard form of payment.

Legitimate businesses will not ask a person to pay a bill by purchasing gift cards. Gift cards are easy for scammers to use or sell anonymously, making them a common tool for fraud.

PLEASE NOTE: Santa Ana Federal Credit Union will never call, text, or email you requesting your User ID, password, or authentication code.

If you receive a request, please report it immediately by calling 800.541.2546.


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